The Garland County Suicide Prevention Coalition provides an array of services for those interested in learning more about suicide and the various ways it can be prevented.

In our efforts to be proactive against suicide, we do our best to provide our services free of charge. This does, however, limit our ability to cover certain financial aspects that can accrue and can limit how often we are able to offer certain types of events.

Please be considerate of time, mileage, and trainer constraints that can and often do arise.



ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is a 2 full day training and accommodates up to 24 people. This course has very specific needs which must be met in order to be able to host one.

SafeTALK a condensed training similar to ASIST which lasts half a day versus the 2 days required for the ASIST. This course will accommodate up to 30 participants per trainer.

Mental Health First Aid training which helps a person assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis such as contemplating suicide. This course holds up to 30 participants.

We are currently in the process of adding new trainings to our services. If there is a training you would like to see in our community please contact us today!

You can find more information regarding trainings under the Resources and Information tab, or by clicking Trainings.



Our coalition understands the importance of continuing your education. We will work with you to provide certificates for any trainings we offer. Please be aware that some certifying boards require fees. At this time, we are not able to cover any fees related to CEUs.

If you are interested in hosting a training and would like CEUs, we ask that you be familiar with the certifying boards you will require accreditation from, as each group abides by different policies and procedures.

We will do our best to help guide you through the process if you should have any questions.



A presentation is informative unlike a training, which provides attendees with education on a new skill set. We can provide a certificate for attending a presentation, although CEUs may not be applicable.

We will present to anyone at any time and for any specific length of time desired. Our presentations can be general, covering warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors.  They can also be specific to whatever criteria or demographic group you need information concerning.

If you are hoping to host an event at your location, providing snacks and refreshments is always encouraged. This is normally one of the most important features of any event!



Our coalition tries to host at least one large event each year. Events can vary from conferences, art shows and contests, to support and healing centered events.

We work with various community sectors to address suicide in a culturally competent and effective manner. Our goal is to engage every community member we interact with by respecting and learning about their individual values. We know that the best way to prevent suicide, is by doing so as a community.


Data Collection, Research, and Assessments

Data drives everything we do.

Data collection is the systematic approach to gathering and measuring information from a variety of sources to get a complete and accurate picture of an area of interest. Data collection enables us to answer relevant questions, evaluate outcomes and make predictions about future probabilities and trends.

We work closely with various community organizations and agencies to analyze and review community suicide and attempt data. We understand the need to have accurate and up to date information in order to be able to appropriately and effectively reduce suicides and attempts.

We are happy to share our information with anyone who may be interested. We are also happy to share our methods and data sources.


Coalition Building

A coalition is an alliance of individuals and/or organizations working together to achieve a common purpose. When this type of alliance forms to address the needs and concerns of a particular community, it is often referred to as a community coalition. While all community coalitions are collaborative efforts by definition, they can vary in numerous ways including purpose, governance, and procedures.

Our coalition has focused on the study of suicide within our community. We have assisted other groups in learning how to recognize their own community health crises as well as guided them in their efforts to address these issues.

If you are interested in forming your own community coalition, we would be happy to help walk you through our own process.


Support Groups

Our coalition currently has a Survivor of Suicide Loss Group that meets the third Tuesday of every month at CHI St. Vincent (Hot Springs, AR) in the Dublin Room of the Heart Center from 5:30-6:30pm.

We are working toward being able to offer other support groups for those in need. If you are interested in attending a specific group or becoming a support group leader or volunteer, please let us know.



Networking is the ability to interact with other people and organizations in order to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s purpose.

Our group is constantly working to provide mutually beneficial relationships with all involved. We know the needs of our community members and organizations and important and we work diligently to help serve the needs of everyone involved. By doing so, we are building up our community connections and strengthening the bonds that unite us all.



Advocacy is an activity which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.

Our coalition advocates for suicide prevention in a number of ways including through various media campaigns, suicide safer policy implementation, public speaking, commissioning and publishing research, and through education.